Around the Island 


Stop 1 hour in Ginostra
after-swimming and snorkkeling on beautiful places 
Sciara del Fuoco on day-stop for fotos 
Strombolicchio-complett around and than swimming in the sea. 
Time:2,5-3 houers

Sciara del Fuoco 



When it is daytime, we are goiing to the bachside from Stromboli wher we can see the erruption from the Vulkan.We stop here 1 hour and enjoy the spektacel. 
Time:ca.1 houer 20 min 

  • Transport to Ginostra 
  • Swimming by Strombolicchio 
  • Dinner or only an apperitif in Ginostra -after to Sciara del  Fuoco


Casa Frank
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